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online schools that provide laptops to students


In this recent time, people become more and more interested in joining online schools rather than the local school. This is because it is practical. Also, there are many online schools which have been not only famous but also accredited as well. Online schools that provide laptops must be the one that people especially parents want to sign for their children to join the schools.

Many schools now have provided the modern technology for their teaching learning activity including digital gear, tablet, phone, and laptop. Online schools that provide laptops could be the best innovation to bring such a success to the students.

Details about school providing laptops

Have you ever felt wondered why schools provide technology like a laptop? Well, there must be some reasons why online schools that provide laptops, right? Here are the reasons will be explained below.

1. Get accessible. When you are going to take the online school, you must have realized that you need to connect the internet to access every data needed. For this reason, online schools provide the laptop to support the internet connection to send your file so that it is easy to submit your assignment or work.

2. Help the student. We all know that not every student does have a lot of money and can buy the laptop to support their work related to school. There are even many students who cannot rely on the finance to cover the school fees. For considering this students’ difficulty, providing the laptop might be very helpful for them.

3. Show the technology. To be able to make the students create such a new technology in the future, the school needs to show the technology to them in advance. Providing laptop, showing the students how to use it must be the first way to reach the goal.

4. Avoid the out-of-date method. As a teacher, you cannot just use the blackboard to write. Instead, you can make use the technology around you. It is not just a laptop but other supported technology, too.

Online school lists

After reading the info about online schools that provide laptops, you must want to know the lists online schools which provide a laptop for their students. Well, here is the info about it.

1. Stevens-Henager College. This school is kind of an accredited school which offers the associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees online. Stevens-Henager College gives every student a free laptop. Usually, the laptop given has been installed with the Stevens-Henager software. Of course, the drop out students must return the laptop to the school.

2. Oklahoma Christian University. At Oklahoma University, all students will receive such a free MacBook, iPod or iPhone which they need to take one only, from the three selection. This school must offer the students off and online school learning choices.

3. The Duke University Global Health Institute. The Duke University provides the students free iPads to support the research according to its field. This device is given to the students in the rural area mostly.

Finally, for a university student, online schools that provide laptops must be useful since they do not need to buy the laptop anymore.

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