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GoDaddy Incorporate is a one of the web hosting and internet domain registrar company in the USA. It has served approximately over 17 million customers around the world until now. It had over 6000 employees worldwide. This company is well-known for their web hosting service and their advertising which has some controversies related to the censorship. It was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons who is the Baltimore, Maryland, entrepreneur. In this Godaddy Website Builder Review, we like to reveal more information about GoDaddy Inc related to their price, interface, etc.

The Price and Startup

You can begin building your website from GoDaddy central website for free. For starting up is free of charge but you need to pay after a month. It’s like a free promotional starter. It starts from $5.99 a month for personal. It ranges up to 29.99 dollars a month for an online store. You need to choose your plan based on your needs. If you need the website for your blog or web, the personal level is for you. But if you need to open a store, you can choose the online store level. The online store level costs more expensive if you compare it with other site builders such as Wix which cost 17 dollars a month and Squarespace that cost at 18 dollars for online store level. With GoDaddy, there’s not limit on storage, pages, or bandwidth, which is a plus. There might be a good 35 Godaddy Website Builder Review that tells about this.

GoDaddy’s Interface

The site building interface of GoDaddy is simple, clear and uncluttered. It is called GoCentral. The design template can easily be changed. You can just do that from them selector at the site builder window’s top. There are six themes you can choose which is not enough. The themes do not change the layout; they only change the fonts.

Disappointedly, there are only two mode options which are Theme and Edit. The interface is similar to Squarespace. Most builders in other sites include simple choices like TextBox and Photo, but in GoCentral, there is less clear Content menu choice.

One thing that is thoughtful in GoCentral, there’s a Feedback tab on the left side. From that tab, you can send product suggestions to the Company to improve the builders. Well, the interface is quite touch-friendly, so if you are using Windows 10 touch screen, your work will be easier in GoCentral. The interface in GoCentral could be the reason for us to give a bad Godaddy Website Builder Review.

Your Website to be published

Every edit you make in GoCentral is saved automatically. In GoCentral, you will get a real control over when the site of yours is published; you can get that in some other site builders. Anytime while editing your website in GoCentral, you can always preview to see the looks of the site after editing. You can have your website URL and domain name when you do finally decide the time to publish your website. After that, you can do anything to your URL. If you want to see more about the Godaddy Website Builder Review, you can visit their website.

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