Licensed Adoption Agencies in Illinois

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For Illinoisans, it’s important to check the licensed adoption agencies in Illinois before you decide to adopt a child. Being licensed here means that it has been licensed by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Service (DCFS), under the Illinois law. The licensing means to protect the right and well-being of the children as their priority. It will also protect the birth parents as well as the adoptive families that adopt the children from the agencies.

Before listing the licensed the adoption agencies in Illinois, there is something important to understand before adopting children in Illinois. According to the DCFS, two documents have been made as basic knowledge for those who want to adopt. They are Adoptive Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities and Birth Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities. The first document is the policies for those who want to adopt in Illinois. The second document is an explanation of the right, prerogative and responsibilities of the birth parents that consider in placing their children to be adopted in Illinois.

List of adopted agencies

There so many licensed adoption agencies in Illinois and probably we can’t list them all. We will only list some that have best ratings and most visited by the would-be adoptive parents. Some additional description also will be provided.

The first suggestion is Adoption Center for Family Building that has a motto “adoptions with heart.” The agency was founded in 1996 and it located in Skokie, Cook Country Region. Not only has been licensed in Illinois, but it also has been licensed in Indiana.

The second list is called the Cradle Adoption. It was founded in 1923 and has helped in replacing more than 15,000 children to find their new families and new homes. Their mission is to advance the children’s well-being by compassionately delivering education. The staff will help you to make a decision of adoption, some information and education about adoption.

The third agency in our list is Universal Family Connection Inc. Since 1976; they have been working in placing many children came from different races and serving many communities. This agency is located in Chicago.

In the southern region of Illinois, there is licensed agency called Bethany Christian Services CWA. This agency also works internationally, such as in Ethiopia and China. Their motto is integrity, impact, and innovation.

The latest agencies list is St. Mary’s Services. It is located in Arlington Heights and was found in 1887. They have a principle that every child deserves a good home. They have been working to give services to children, birth parents, and adoptive parents that come from different races and religions.

There are more than 20 agencies across the Illinois and can be researched more through the internet.

How to adopt in Illinois?

To adopt in Illinois, you can first understand your need and consult it with the agency around you. But first, make sure the agency has been licensed by the DCFS. You can find it on the DCFS website about the licensed agencies across the Illinois. Make sure you get the relevant information about adoption and follow the adoption rules. Some of the agencies will also give you a basic education about adoption agencies in Illinois to make sure both adoptive parents and the children fulfilled well.


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