Some Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews For Your Consideration

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saatva mattress negative reviews

Before we release the Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews, we need to know what Saatva is. If you already knew what it is, you may skip this paragraph. Saatva is an e-commerce company that sells luxury mattresses. The company is privately held and is based in Westport, Connecticut. It was founded in 2011 entrepreneur Ricky Joshi and furniture industry veteran Ron Rudzin. They name their company based on Sanskrit word “sattva” which means “pure.” They sell the mattress exclusively online; they do not sell it in a physical store. So, if you want to buy Saatva mattresses, you need to buy it exclusively online.

The product and delivery

Primarily, Saatva sells mattresses under three brands. The main product of this company is the Saatva Luxury Mattress that featured an innerspring of a coil on a coil. As Saatva grew, they expanded their product line. They do the expansion to incorporate an eco-friendly mattress of memory foam. In 2016, they released the Natural Latex brand Zen haven. If you want to buy the mattress, you can order online. Or, you can call one of their customer representatives. After you order online via their website or other online stores, they will contact you via their customer representative for order confirmation and delivery process explanation. Those include installation and other related things.

The Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews

This section will show some statements and ratings from disappointed customers. We only show the statements based on the topics with lowest rates. The first one is the durability or longevity. Based on the available data, it suggests no better than good longevity or durability. Innerspring beds tend to be not high performers in this area. This Saatva mattress is not easy to get on and off. It is because of its thickness or height. So, that makes the entry and exit somewhat challenging.

The biggest problem in this Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews about this mattress is the weight. It is hard to lift, handle and move. The queen-sized mattress of Saatva has 115 pounds weight. It is so heavy for one person to lift it. There is one model that comes with handles, but the handles are there only for rotation not for carrying. Because of that, this mattress is also not easy to maintain. Saatva mattress is a single bed, not a flipped one. You need to make a rotation from head to foot. Do it at least once in a year. It is there to minimize wear and to sag.

The Saatva Company Bad Reviews

The thing that many people disappoint about Saatva is their marketing accuracy. They claim that there are more than 15.000+ people have reviewed their product and most of them giving good Saatva Mattress Bad Reviews. In fact, there are only 30% of those 15.000+ people who wrote the review when they had and feel the mattress. So, the accuracy is in Jeopardy. Besides that, their integrity of customer reviews is also the one that has the lowest rates. As you can see, there’s a big difference the ratings in Saatva websites are higher than the ratings you find on other sources.


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