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Saatva is a held e-commerce company, privately. It specializes in luxury mattresses. The base of Saatva is in Austin, Texas and Westport, Connecticut. They have been in the industry since 2011. It is founded by Ron Rudzin and Ricky Joshi. The name of “Saatva” comes from Sanskrit work “sattva” that means “pure” The Saatva mattress is one of the most popular beds of luxury for your home or business. This mattress e-tailer is credited as being the oldest among others. They offer a mattress with high quality. That is why there are many good Saatva Luxury Firm Reviews you’ll find anywhere.

According to the year that this company was launched, it can be said that Saatva is a very new company in mattress business. Probably, many people may not have heard of them. That’s okay, but the thing that you should know that they know what they are doing. They make the mattresses in factories for a long time. You can see for yourself the accurate result of the mattresses that is in high quality. In one of the Saatva Luxury Firm Reviews, you will find many good comments there.

The Sleep Experience

One of the popular websites, give Saatva mattress good ratings. They credit them with the excellent sleep experience after they tested to sleep on the Luxury Firm. It has a soft layer on top of the mattress to make it cozy when you are on it. There is a Plush Soft version available for you who enjoy side sleeping. That version will give you more depth and give. You can say that this mattress is very supportive of any style of sleeping. That’s what they tell others in Saatva Luxury Firm Reviews.

The construction

There’s a lot of materials on this mattress; they try hard to make a “luxury” mattress to be at a lower price. Many people think that they have done a good job. The construction is similar with regular mattresses, but Saatva has just been more generous with the materials. In the core of it, there’s a coil construction. People love coil construction more because it gives them cooler temperature, longer size, and better sleep. Around the core, a lot of foam is planted. They add some memory foam to create the top thicker. All of those materials are wrapped in organic cotton. There will be no off-gassing at all. The weight is very heavy and also thick. If you want to move it, you can’t do it by yourself.

The Price

The price is worth it. It’s a very excellent price for such a high-quality mattress. The price is where Saatva excels on. Of course, this luxury mattress is not cheap, it’s quite expensive compared to the regular mattresses, but it’s worth it to buy Saatva mattress with the price of 999 dollars. You can compare with other luxury mattresses, the price would be higher, but the quality is just the same. This mattress is always won in any Saatva Luxury Firm Reviews.


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