Xfinity Home Security Reviews: What Need To Know Before Buying

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Xfinity is a brand of Comcast which provides the cable television, broadband internet, VoIP phone, and Home security & automation services. Xfinity is promoted since 2010; it is the company’s rebranded trademark for services of a triple play in the largest markets of Comcast. Comcast is the largest provider in the US specializing cable internet access. The one we’re focusing in this article is its home security and automation service. The service is called as Xfinity home in its service area. If you are paying this service, you can monitor your house with fire and burglar alarm. It is also completed with surveillance cameras, and home automation. Here, you will be given some Xfinity Home Security Reviews that might be right for you.

Pros and Cons

This service has TV, security, and the internet all in a single bill. If you want to visit with the customer support, you just have to deal with the same company. Most locations in the USA are in the coverage area of this service. The starting prices are excellent; it can save you 200 dollars or more compared to other company in the first year. The proprietary equipment has a touchscreen panel which makes you easier to access and operate. The technicians are certified. Compared with AT&T Digital Life, this Xfinity Home Security Reviews, win the battle.

There is some disappointing side of this service. It’s hard to switch or cancel when combined with other services. If you terminate the contract early, you will get a very high cancellation fee. The price may be getting fluctuating after the promotion is expired. It may look right now, but your wallet would hurt later. If you move to the different location, there will be a relocation fee. If your destination is not in the service area of the service, you may have to pay the cancellation charge to stop the service. If you want to move the service without paying, you may want to consider other providers such as Protect America; they allow you to move for free. There will be a lot of automated customer service that will serve you, which is frustrating sometimes.

Some bad Xfinity Home Security Reviews published on some websites. The customer service and professional installation are worst rated. They might be certified technicians, but sometimes they are not working smoothly in installing the equipment.

The Price of having Xfinity service

The starting price is $99++ for the installation, and the activation is free. The monthly cost $40++ which is still promotional. You will get the proprietary wireless with touchscreen panel for controlling. For a quick control, you can download a free app for Android and iOS to support it.

The equipment

Most of the equipment has no cable, so you don’t have to worry about having too many cables on your wall or anywhere. But, the control panel, smart thermostats, and cameras will need the connection to the power source. So, they will be drilling holes in the wall to connect the wiring, if necessary. The equipment of Xfinity home security is not the best. There are some bad Xfinity Home Security Reviews. If you want to have better automation system in home security, you should try Frontpoint security.

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